What’s a Bible Church?

Bible churches are independent, self-governing churches. The Bible church movement began in the 1940’s when many of the main line denominations began to change their beliefs they started to question the inspirations of Scriptures, the virgin birth, the resurrection, whether salvation was by faith in Christ alone. Pastors began receiving directives from the denominational headquarters telling them of these changes. Many pastors decided they could not stay with the denomination and many people in their churches made the same decision. They had to leave the church buildings and property and start from scratch. They started independent Bible churches, so that a denomination could never again order changes in the church’s beliefs or control the properties of the church.

Bible Churches are committed to the teaching of the Bible and its foundational doctrines. (Refer to “What We Believe”). Southland Bible church is not a part of a denomination, we are totally independent, self-supported, and self-governed by two boards, an Elder and a Deacon board. We are incorporated as a religious, non-profit tax-exempt organization. All properties are owned by the church, not individuals or a denomination.

There are many other Bible churches around the country and in the State of Utah. We share the same goals and purposes and have close fellowship with six other Bible churches in Southern Utah. We jointly own and operate Cedar Mountain Retreat, a Church camp running for five weeks each summer.


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