What are Angels?

The word Angel; actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means messenger. The matching Hebrew word mal’ak has the same meaning (see Job 1:14; Luke 7:24; 9:52).


Angels are mentioned at least 108 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New Testament. Hence, there is ample information available in Scripture to allow us to build a foundation for our knowledge of angelic beings.

According to recent surveys, most people believe in the existence of Angels. A glut of books on the subject fill bookstore shelves. Still, our only reliable source on Angels and their activity is the Bible. Just who are these mysterious creatures? What do they look like? do they wear long, flowing robes and have large birdlike wings? And what is their purpose? You might call Angels “God’s secret agents.” They basically work undercover. Most of the time these secret agents remain invisible except on those special occasions when God allows people to see them. No doubt God realized that if we were allowed to see them all of the time, they would become an object of our worship, which is to be reserved for God alone. Refer to the references below to see what the Bible has to say about Angels and their role in this World.

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References (NLT)

  1. Why did God create Angels? God created Angels as unique spiritual beings who worship Christ and care for his followers (see Hebrews 1:4-14).
  2. What do Angels do in the Life of a Christian? God has ordered the Angels to protect his followers and keep them from harm (see Acts 27:23-24).
  3. How are Angels involved in Our Prayers? Our prayers can trigger spiritual warfare (see Colossians 2:18:19).
  4. What Role will Angels play in the End Times? Angels will play a strategic role in spreading the everlasting gospel (see Revelation 14:6-7).

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