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Podcasting Basics


Great news, you can now subscribe to have all of Southland’s Sermon messages delivered right to your computer via podcasting.


Are you new to Podcasting? Here are the basics. You need an Internet connection, a computer and an MP3-capable media player like iTunes*. If you already have iTunes installed on your computer, click here to start listening to our podcast using iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download and install iTunes. The benefits of using software like iTunes is that it will keep the podcast up-to-date on your computer by automatically downloading the latest audio posts. You can also listen and/or download the .mp3’s from this page. Simply right click on the Podcast icon or download link in the post and select Save As. iTunes is a free download for both Windows and MAC users and does NOT require an iPod, but an iPod will allow you take the Word of God where ever you go.

  • To subscribe to Southland’s sermon podcasts, you’ll need to select “Subscribe to Podcast” (under the menu item titled “Advanced”) and then paste the following URL:
  • Or simply go to the iTunes Store and type “southland bible” into the search window (upper right hand corner) and the search results will come back with “Southland Bible Church Sermon Audio | Podcast” with a “Subscribe” button.

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