New Believer in Christ


To get started on your new journey and walk with Christ order a New Believer’s Bible New Testament from NLT (New Living Translation). Featuring notes written by leading evangelist Greg Laurie, the New Believer’s Bible is designed to help new Christians understand and grow in their newfound faith. This is one of the best understandable study Bibles available for the New Believer that will instantly bring God’s Word to use in your life.

You must get to know Jesus. You can do this by reading God’s Word the Bible.  You may want to begin with the life of Jesus starting in (Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John), and by praying sincerely from your heart. Being a Christian is not a religion and a bunch of man-made “do’s” and “don’ts.” God wants you to be the person you are because he created you. You are unique to God. You must develop an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ just as you would cultivate an intimate personal friendship.

No one becomes a healthy and strong believer by just sitting at home. You must put yourself into an environment where you can grow. Can you go to school by yourself? Can you start a family by yourself? Can a child raise himself? God never intended people to be solitary creatures. You cannot be a healthy Christian by going at it by yourself. This is why God intended for believers to meet together.

God intends that you become part of a good local church to get fed with God’s Word and to fellowship with other Christian Believers.

A Good Bible Preaching Church is:
1. Honors God by honoring His Word. The church you attend should proclaim the Bible (Scriptures) as the Word of God, and should both teach and do what it says. No other books or man’s opinion must ever override what God teaches us in His Holy Devine Word. See 2 Timothy 3:16.

2. Practices love for one another. Jesus said the world would know us because of our love for one another. A good church will be characterized by people who love one another. See John 13:34,35.

3. Worships the Lord with a whole heart. A good church will exhibit a hearty and joyful worship toward the Lord. It may be quiet or loud (or both), but it will be genuine. A good church recognizes that God is worthy to be praised! See Psalm 100:1-5.

4. Reaches out to the lost. A healthy church will always be one where the people are encouraged to reach out to unsaved people. Almost every person who has come to the Lord has done so because someone who cared reached out to them. See Luke 14:23.

Pray and believe that God will guide you to a good church family. Once you find a good place, get connected! One of the most important things that you need as a new Christian or even a developed Christian,  is fellowship with other Christians which you can get at a good Bible teaching church.

If we can be of assistance in your search for a good local church here in St. George, Utah please contact Southland Bible Church at 435-628-5624.

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